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An exciting new project has been launched to develop a Family Tree of the people of the twin villages of Cawsand, Kingsand and surrounding area to show how from the present day they trace back through the generations (and how in many cases they link together!). It will also include an Archive of documents, tapes, DVDs and photographs based around the people.

In the longer term the project will form itself as a Company with view to long term charitable foundation with the objective of providing a long term and sustainable resource. The project is run by residents in the area all of whom share the project values, aims and aspirations.

The home of the project is St. Andrew's Church, Cawsand by kind support of the Vicar and the Parochial Church Council of Maker and Rame. This stores copy archive materials and houses the Family Tree Boards and hoardings on public display.

The project has our full support and Rame Heritage is working jointly with the project, assisting with the scanning of material and undertaking photograpic restoration work.

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